Favorite Images of 2015 | Leibfarth Photography

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Favorite Images of 2015 | Leibfarth Photography

2015 has been an epic year for Leibfarth Photography. I have watched my business grow and grow over the past year and I have been crazy busy (but I LOVE it). I’m so extremely blessed to have such amazing clients – a huge reason why I was able to grow so much was from your recommendations to friends and family and I couldn’t possibly be more thankful. Not only did my business grow but I was able to grow as a photographer and graduated from New York Institute of Photography this past month.
As my business and my knowledge grew for photography so did my passion for all of this. I want to succeed more than ever and I have such high hopes and expectations for myself and business in 2016.
I realized that more than anything what I want to capture most in my photographs is love. Whether that love be within a family, a couple getting ready to say their vows, soon-to-be parents waiting on the new love of their lives to be born, or a couple who has been together for years and years – no matter what the situation is my number one goal is to always capture the love between people. For a long time I believed my photos needed to be perfectly posed with perfect smiles. Now I know it is the imperfect images that I love the most. The image where no one could control their laughter (even if it’s a little blurry from my laughter too…) or the image that happens when a toddler throws a tantrum but then calms down in mama’s arms, the image of a father seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time… these are the most beautiful images and my focus during each session. I have a clear vision of what I want my business to become and I’m so ready to make that happen.

With all of that being said I have a big announcement to make…. Leibfarth Photography is MOVING! Yes, we bought a house (it’s still kind of scary to say) and will be moving away from the Fort Riley area next month. But here’s the up side… we are only moving an hour away! We are relocating to Topeka so I welcome all of my clients to travel to me or I will of course be willing to travel back on occasion (especially for weddings!) So that means the month of January will be my last month for clients here and I hope to see as many of your beautiful faces as possible (even though it’s cold)! I will so miss my clients here. I am lucky to have been able to meet many amazing people over the last 2 years and extremely thankful for the friendships that formed because of it.

Goodbye 2015, it’s been a great year but I’m so ready to see what 2016 has in store!
Here are my favorite (it was so hard to choose) images from 2015, to the 85 families and couples I had the opportunity of working with – thank you for choosing me. <3 .

Happy New Years all! 


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