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August 24, 2015  •  4 Comments

When a friend from high school gets in touch and asks you to take family portraits it’s an exciting thing. When a friend from high school asks you to take family portraits AND tells you she will be proposing to her boyfriend during the session…it takes it to a whole different level!

The last time I saw Kaitlin she was pregnant and now here I am taking her son’s first birthday portraits, crazy how fast that happens isn’t it? We decided to shoot at the one room school house in Topeka, KS and tried to start the session with some nursing
shots, however Mr. Jaxon was more interested in cheesing it up for the camera. Who can blame him? He looks adorable and the camera loves him!


Since he was clearly camera ready it was time to start with his birthday portraits. I have been trying for nearly 2 years to get a one-year-old to hold up these letters for me. Usually they look at me like I’m insane and have no interest what so ever, but he totally made my day and held each one long enough that I was finally able to make my collage! (Happy photog dance)


Honestly this little boy was SO happy and content with everything we did – even if it meant hanging out in the grass for a while so mom & dad could have the spotlight. One of my favorite parts of this session was mom and dad singing “oh watch me, watch me, oh watch me, watch me”  to get Jaxon to smile during portraits. (If you don’t know this song or how to whip & nae nae you have some googling to do my friend) 
Of course we were also capturing family pictures throughout this session but little did Marcus we were setting him up for a surprise proposal! Kaitlin and I had met up a few hours prior to the session so I had the ring tucked away in my camera bag. 

When we were close to done I led them near a bench and had them each pose individually with Jaxon. What seemed like a standard father – son photo was the set up for his beautiful girlfriend to pop the question! 

Once the boys were in place I handed the ring off and watched Kaitlin get down on one knee. His reaction was absolutely priceless! Complete shock followed by overwhelming joy! Kaitlin mostly cried – and laughed – and cried – and then finally asked “will you marry me?” and of course he said “Yes!”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people so happy. Once Marcus said yes there was a lot of laughter, hugs, kisses, a few tears, (from myself included) and the biggest smiles you’ll ever see! Once they sat and talked for a bit I asked them to move to a new spot so we could take a few more shots of the newly engaged couple. Before I could even pose them this happened….
This image is easily my favorite from the session and it isn’t hard to see why. They are clearly so in love with each other and their son. Just watching them soak in the moment was much better than any pose I could have possibly put them in. Of course we did snap a few poses after. 
I’m so happy for these two love birds and I feel so lucky and honored to be the one chosen to capture this for them. 
Jaxon is pretty excited too! Well… about the ring box at least!


Sheila Denise Cobb Banks(non-registered)
Praise JESUS Hallelujah!!! Marcus Jaxon is making things happen already!!! I told you Marcus having him on my birthday marked him for greatness like Aunt Sheila and following in New Nee's birth steps!!! Love you and congratulations!!!
Nohemy Alegria(non-registered)
It's beautiful, congratulations to the 3 of you, I'm so happy for you, blessings
Gerald & Melissa Miller(non-registered)
Such beautiful pictures. The love was truly captured! We are so excited for their engagement as well. We love all 3 of y'all!!!
How exciting! What a great session! Congratulations Kaitlin and Marcus. Your son is adorable too!
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