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My 3 Biggest Photography Goals

July 30, 2015  •  1 Comment




My first blog post… finding the perfect topic was hard for me. Let me just say, starting a blog is intimidating! I decided to share with you my goals in photography, 1 project that I’ve been working towards, a precious piece of advice turned into a mantra, and my dream wedding to photograph. Enjoy!

1. 50 People Project
The 50 People Project is not my own brilliant idea, but one I would really like to complete. My version of it – I would like to photograph and interview 50 veterans. Military has been a big part of my life even before I became an Army wife. My father is military, both of my grandfathers, and I have cousins who have been involved in various branches of service. Hearing my grandpa’s stories from Korea is a big part of this inspiration. I hope to talk to veterans from several different branches and several different generations and hear all of their incredible experiences. In my opinion their service is so underappreciated and I would love to highlight all of the amazing things they have done for our country. If you know anyone who may be interested in participating please feel free to e-mail me at leibfarthphotography@gmail.com

2. Never stop improving
Thank my mama for this one folks. About a year ago we were at a restaurant in Boston, the manager came around asking us to fill out a survey. While I’m busy giving them 5 stars on everything (the food was AMAZING) I noticed my mom giving 3-4 stars. I asked her why when the food and service was fantastic and her response stuck with me. She said “If they get 5 stars there is no room for improvement, you should always have something to work towards.” I will never ever forget that. No matter how much I learn, no matter how good my work is there is always MORE. More than I can learn, more that I can improve on, things that I can do better. With that push I know I can do anything. I will never stop learning, never stop pushing myself, never stop working hard to be the best I can be. I posted this comparison on my Facebook page last week and it fits in here perfectly. I have changed so much in two years and hope the next two years bring even more improvement. 

3. Shoot in paradise
And finally… my dream wedding to photograph! A destination wedding in a tropical location! Oh how I want to photograph a beautiful beach wedding! Where everyone is barefoot on the beach, just close friends and family enjoying a small intimate ceremony. It would be such an honor to be chosen to travel with a couple on such an adventure. In my mind, the moment I am asked to do a destination wedding will be my “I’ve made it!” moment! Even without the exotic destination though, weddings are where I feel happiest. I am giddy all day sharing in a couple’s joy. Every detail – the rings, the dress, the flowers, centerpieces, cake, the venue…. every single piece of that day was carefully planned and I love seeing how their dream comes together. Truthfully every wedding is my “dream wedding” and I am thrilled for every single one that I am blessed to capture.  



You had me crying on number 1 and was not prepared for number 2. I'm glad to be an inspiration to someone on this planet. I am so proud of you and proud to be your mama. It's been amazing to watch you grow into a wonderful wife, mother and professional photographer! It's such a joy to watch you learn, grow and improve your skills. I'm so glad you found something you Love and are passionate about and had the courage to go for it! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the goal to interview and photograph 50 active duty or military vets. You know how much that means to our family. I'm here to support you in any way that I can. I love the added bonus of getting to see so many of the photos from your sessions. What a great first blog entry! Love always! Mom
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